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Start-Up TV 2014

Tuesday, May 06, 2014
Start-Up Treasure Valley is a two day event dedicated entirely to entrepreneurs.  Seasoned entrepreneurs give sage advice to the not so seasoned entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs.   The best advice is from those who have experienced the ups and downs of owning your own business.  If you missed Start-Up TV this year you can still hear the Keynote speaker and the lunch panel via a recording.   Key Not and Lunch Panel

End of Year 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Job openings at Idaho State Insurance Fund:    Risk Management Consultant:  IT Network Analyst:  IT Developer and Underwriter - - Employment 


Why Would-Be Entrepreneurs Need a Reality Check

A woman contacted me about six months ago, asking for some feedback on a startup idea. While not a friend, I had known her for quite some time and always enjoyed chatting with her. She had been a visible member of the business community for a number of years and had a good reputation. I agreed to a 30-minute meeting.

She arrived with her husband, and immediately, they jumped into a barrage of questions about hiring, funding, and technology. I stopped them and asked, “What’s the business?” She said, “That’s confidential.” In response to my surprise and befuddlement, she turned to her husband and said, “OK, have him sign the NDA.” I smiled and said, “Can I give you a reality check?” They both nodded uncomfortably.

NDAs, Confidentiality, and Idea-Stealing

People don’t steal ideas because they have a plethora of their own crappy ideas. Ideas are common; execution is mind-bogglingly difficult. The chances of someone hearing an idea, then spending years grinding and sacrificing to turn it into a company, is infinitesimally small. In fact, the challenge for people capable of building a company is not finding ideas — it’s deciding which to work on. Are there copycat startups? Absolutely. But people don’t copy a “new" idea with an unproven business model.  Read the entire article HERE

Job Opening

Monday, December 09, 2013

CTO or Lead Developer

Who We Are

Healthfundr is building the platform for funding and supporting health innovation. We're a growing startup in the new and exciting crowdfinancing industry. We've enjoyed great national press and are considered a forerunner in our space. We want to accelerate health innovation by enabling more people to invest in health startups, providing startups with the capital, connections and expertise they need, and helping researchers engage broader audiences. While our core is in the crowdfinancing space, you'll be building something much different and more exciting than a crowdfunding portal.

Who We're Looking For

We're looking for a CTO/lead developer who's excited about building a comprehensive platform to support health innovation. While our founders aren't coders, we do have a great love for those who write great code. We'll support you on the design, UX, and product management front, plus we'll spend a whole lot of time selling. You'll be the number one developer at Healthfundr and will have direct and enormous influence over the direction of the platform and how we expand it. We've built and launched Healthfundr 1.0 and you'll be completely in charge of building on what we have to get Healthfundr 2.0 to market.

What You'll Need

Ideally, you'll be a full stack web developer with LAMP mastery and we'd love it if you have CakePHP and Twitter Bootstrap experience. We also want to see that you can use other modern frameworks (front and back end), best practices, and tools to build scalable and secure software. You'll manage the complete product development cycle, from design through product release, and be able to manage, motivate and work well with contract developers when needed. As we grow, you'll build out the engineering team and make Healthfundr a great place for them.

Above all, we want someone that believes we can bring greater efficiency, transparency, and participation to funding and supporting health innovation. Plus, since we're a startup, we'll be making lots of changes and refinements along the way, so we want someone who embraces constant change.

Interested? Drop us a line at

Give Your Pitch to Pros and Get Immediate Feedbck

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kickstand's Annual Event, Start-Up Speed Dating is scheduled for November 12, 2013.  This event provides the venue and opportunity for up to 10 entrepreneurs to "pitch" their business idea one-on-one to qualified judges (investors, successful entrepreneurs and other business leaders) and get immediate feedback that they can use in their next "pitch"

The "PITCH" Workshop is Friday, November 1, 2013.  Even if you are not going to participate in Speed Dating, this workshop is beneficial.  Learn how to give your pitch to not only finance people, but to customers and potential customers, during networking events, etc.  See What you will learn Here

Application deadline is Friday, November 1, 2013  See the Criteria Here

The selected Participants will be notified on Friday November 8th.  All participants will not only have the opportunity to give their pitch to the pros but they will also have the opportunity to give it to the members attending our monthly meeting on November 14th.  The audience will vote for the best pitch of the evening. 

October 14th membership meeting will be held at the WaterCooler starting at 5:30 PM with the program starting at 6:00.  The WaterCooler is located at 14th and Idaho in Boise. 

Member Meeting September 2013

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The White Board

Performance Demand is hiring – 4 inside sales Positions NOW

Send resumes to    training at the end of Sept with Start in October.  Full Time $$$  plus benefits.

Prodromos Marketing – Full or part time

            UI/UX Design


            Hiring Sales Team

Contact Bill Bennett  208-321-1200

PetsPage.Com is hiring

            Chief Technical Officer

            Chief Financial Officer

            Business/Tech Finance Mentorship, c-commerce/social networking

Contact    208-602-2312

I have Drive, Motivation, Math Skills, Initiative.


Several events are scheduled for this fall.

            Start-up Weekend is November 7, 8 and 9, 2013

            Start-Up Speed Dating is November 12th with the final presentations on November 14th at the regular Kickstand Meeting.  Training for Start-up Speed Dating is October 29, 2013.  For more information

Company Spotlight

            Two companies were spotlighted at the meeting on September 12th:

            Reference 180

We simplify the process of launching, growing, and managing a business. We solve genuine problems, fill real needs, and furnish lasting value. Our mission is to enhance your entrepreneurial effectiveness and truly transform the way you relate to your business.

We built our company to be the kind of company that we would want to do business with ourselves—a company that provides products and services that enable entrepreneurs to spend more time working on their business rather than working in it.

Ideal Lending, LLC

At Ideal Lending, LLC, we care about our customers.

Ideal Lending is taking a stab at the alternative lending business here in the treasure valley area. We believe we can offer better service, better loans, and charge half the cost of traditional title … It is our goal to help customers by being responsible lenders and providing half price title loans.

Kickstand's Mission is:

To Connect, Inspire and Support all Entrepreneurs

September was Support Month and the following organizations were at the meeting to tell us how they can help us all as small businesses. 

S C O R E (Service Core of Retired Executives)

SBDC (Small Business Development Center)

WBC (Women’s Business Center) 

Tech Help